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The Agents of ISIS Series


Welcome to the first great space opera decalogy of the twenty-first century!

With humanity scattered throughout the galaxy on hundreds of worlds, the Empire is the only force for order across the stars. Without it, interstellar conflicts would bring chaos and billions of deaths.

But the tsar has been in a coma for five years now, and his grand-niece, the only apparent heir, is only 14 years old. In this hour of crisis, the task of preserving the Empire falls to two untrained--but far from unskilled--agents of the Imperial Special Investigation Service. Can they make a difference against the vast forces arrayed against them?

Agents of ISIS is an epic saga describing the fight to preserve humanity from the forces of chaos and destruction. The ten exciting books are:

  1. Tsar Wars
  2. Treacherous Moon
  3. Robot Mountain
  4. Sanctuary Planet
  5. Stellar Revolution
  6. Purgatory Plot
  7. Traitors' World
  8. Counterfeit Stars
  9. Outworld Invaders
  10. Galactic Collapse
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Tsar Wars
#1 Tsar Wars
Treacherous Moon
#2 Treacherous Moon
Robot Mountain
#3 Robot Mountain
Sanctuary Planet
#4 Sanctuary Planet
Stellar Revolution
#5 Stellar Revolution
Purgatory Plot
#6 Purgatory Plot
Traitors' World
#7 Traitors' World
Counterfeit Stars
#8 Counterfeit Stars
Outworld Invaders
#9 Outworld Invaders
Galactic Collapse
#10 Galactic Collapse

Some fans with very long memories may detect a resemblance to the old "Family d'Alembert" series of decades past, based on a novella by E.E. "Doc" Smith. Rest assured, though: Tsar Wars is a totally original novel. The universe and the characters have been thoroughly re-imagined, and the remaining books--all totally written by me in the first place--were revised top-to-bottom to make the Agents of ISIS series 100% Goldin. The result is a new reading experience that, I hope, will bring you many thrilling hours of entertainment.

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